About Us


Thanks for joining us for the First Day of the End of the World!  Do you sometimes feel like the "system" is just a little too fragile and those in power are a little too unreliable *ahem* to count on completely?  If you do- then you're in the right place.  Our goal is to cultivate a community of good people who want to make sure they're prepared in the event the "system" let's us down.  We're not radicals, extremists or idealogues- if you are, that's ok- that's just not our jam.  We're very "normal" middle American, suburban, professional, married with kids- who just happen to have a bunker, food supply, guns and ammo and love to learn more about the prepping lifestyle.  Join us as we dive into all topics surrounding prepping including current events, gear, philosophies of survival, and of course a little humor along the way.  We'll try to post a new podcast weekly or as we feel we have valuable content to add to the airwaves!  Subscribe on itunes to FDEW, follow on Instagram @thefdew, and of course check this website often!

Who are we?

bupropion cost without insurance I'm Heather- he's Scot, we're married, best friends, and prepping cohorts.  We like to go to the range to brush up on our marksmanship. Scot's the organized boy scout, Heather's the free-spirited visionary 😉 We live in Kansas with our three daughters.

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rencontre sexe lesbienne gratuit Scot's a damn good shot and Heather loves to cook. We like to drink wine after the kids go to bed and talk about the end of the world.